Man City Win 1-0 at Stamford Bridge (De Bruyne 67)

Man City Win

he final score was 1-0 at Stamford Bridge . De Bruyne scored the winning goal Manchester City.

Man City maintained their lead with goal from Kevin de Bruyne at the 67th minute still the end of the 90 minute..

The Mid-fielder goal was a delight to the visiting side at Stamford bridge.

De Bruyne, perhaps frustrated at watching his team-mates blow chances with over-elaboration, goes simple … albeit in some style.

He powers down the middle of the park, drifting right to left slightly, then smacks a stunning riser into the top right! Belt! Courtois had no chance whatsoever! What a player De Bruyne is, and that really is some strike!

There was no goal for the first 45 minutes.

That was what to expect when two tactical geniuses are in the dugouts.

The first half was however interesting … but not particularly exciting. City had the upper hand, by 309 to 130 passes, give or take.

And Courtois has been the more active keeper.

Man City tried to take the game to Chelsea but the home side couldn’t lose-up their guard throughout the first 45 minutes

Follow up for goal updates in the second half.

See below line up for the two sides.



Man City line up



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