Photos: Nigerian Lady Gives Birth To A Baby Boy With Only One Noise In Enugu State

This Baby Boy with only one nostril was today delivered by a 20-yr-old girl, this morning, at the Salvation Army Hospital, Orji River, Enugu State

see some reactions below; 😂😂😂. There is still an alternative. he can open his mouth. i do that when i have nose blocked..

liadaks Some of you can be a bit insensitive sometimes ☹️. This is a Baby that has a deformity and people are talking about how the child came about as if that is anyone’s business, rather we should be praying for the baby, for God to keep him healthy because we may not know what else might be wrong with the him, which I hope there isn’t. 🙁

perky_benz Some deformity is not natural, some are d end result of failed abortion attempts



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