Photos: Nigerian Police Fulfills Its Promise To Give N1Million To Whoever Helps In The Rearrest Of Ifeanyi Dike Who Raped And Killed An 8-yr-old Girl

Rivers State police fulfills its promise to give N1m to whoever helps in the rearrest of Ifeanyi Dike who raped and killed an 8-yr-old girl


Facebook user, Thomas Gwon, took to his page yesterday to claimed that he was the one that caught Port Harcourt rapist and ritualist, Ifeanyi Dike, who kidnapped, raped and dismembered the body of his 8 year old neighbor, Chikamso.

He escaped from police custody just a day after he was paraded before newsmen.
He was re-arrested on September 5th in Jos. The police said he was caught while trying to break into a house but didn’t give much detail.
Gwom claims it was his house, Ifeanyi tried to stab him to death, he overpowered him after a 25mins struggle and took him to the police.
Read his version of events below…



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