See Simple Ways To Make Sure She Enjoys S3xx As Much As You Do

While statistics reveal that on in 13 women find sex painful, they also suggest that there are certain things her male partner can do to fix it!

Sexologists warn that women who find s*x painful are also more likely to feel uninterested in sex, while they may also have more trouble getting wet and reaching climax.

How can you help? This way…

Let her be properly lubricated: sex is often painful because when a woman is not properly lubricated. So, pay attention to the build-up, work up to what she wants, and don’t just focus on the penetration.

• When she’s wet enough, it helps you to penetrate and move around with ease, so sxx feels like the pleasurable experience it’s supposed to be.
• Along the line, ask her if what you’re doing feels good.
• If she needs extra help to be wet, apply lubricating jell as part of foreplay.
• Stimulate her cli**ris with hands long before you penetrate.
• Focusing on her pleasure makes her feel less nervous and more turned on, which ultimately leads to more (and better) s*x for the both of you.
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