Do You Think Trump is Losing Supporters?

Donald Trump did not win the presidency by the standard measures of democracy. Fifty-four percent of the Americans who cast ballots on November 8, 2016, favored someone else, and Hillary Clinton won almost 3 million more votes than Trump.

Only an antiquated remnant of an 18th-century instinct toward oligarchy—an Electoral College designed by slaveholders and wealthy merchants to maintain the authority of the elites—allowed an ill-prepared and cruelly intended billionaire to enter the White House.

But Trump was a lot more popular in November than he is now. That’s a big deal for the president. And it’s also a big deal for the resistance. After six months, Trump’s approval rating has fallen to 33 percent in a fresh Quinnipiac University Poll that was released on Wednesday.

That’s the lowest Quinnipiac result yet, and it’s not an outlier: The new Gallup tracking poll has the president’s approval at a similarly dismal 36 percent, the lowest three-day average in Trump’s tenure.




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