TSTV Africa Subscribers divided over Pay Tv charges

tstv africa

The October 1st launch 0f TSTV Africa, seems to have torn subscribers of Pay TV in the country apart.

Many Nigerians have been in a war of words, over the legitimacy, authenticity and sustainability of the recent promotional drive of TSTV Africa.

In a study conducted by our reporter on our social media platforms TSTV Africa, many came out to either push for the purchase or a caution in the euphoria created by the buzz.

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A facebook user,Emmanuel Adesite,said in support of the product,”In fact, you just highlighted the reasons why I should buy this TSTV. Be it 10gb or 20gb, it Is beta than the zero (odo) 0gb offered by Dstv and Co.


In response to him, another facebook user, Saliman Adeola Olowookere said that the company was another brand, out to expliot Nigerians.

“Another exploiter has come, Nigerians think twice before u start saying Hosanna, Allahu Akbar. In this case to TSTV Subscribers for a month is 3000 but per day is 200 while dstv minimum per month is 1900, about 63.34 per day, who is fooling who?

Below are some of the comments made by users:

  • Josi Josi GbengaEven if dstv is offering free service, I will never use them. I used to pay annually until 2015 that brushed them off and diverted to star time. I hate dstv mainly because it belongs to group of foreigners, and those foreigners are cheating us openly ,I dont care how much TSTV Subscribers will cost, i care less about the efficiency of their service, as long as it has nothing to do with dstv….I’m the owner of my money, nobody tells me what to spend it on.
  • Emma Ohio So you get all the channels in dstv for that minimum price plus football ie epl LA liga and etc ehh and as well where dstv subscribe at 63naira and not to say the free data you get 10g do you know how much data most people buy monthly glo for instance give you 1g for 1000 meaning 10g will go for 10000 per month bros even if tstv is showing me only nta and channels tv for that 10gb alone I will buy it. Sir I submit that dstv have nothing on tstv dey should come back with better propaganda talk.
  • Akindoju Soledayo Darmcey Can u imagine, u dont even expect good thing in this country
  • Nwani Emenike Marscellus With the DSTV 1900, how many live matches can watch with it? we better be wise.
  • Clement OlakunleWith DSTV or gotv #1,900 you don’t get enough sports channels & most of d A/magic channels have been removed like Am urban…etc.
  • Ogunjide Ayodele: how many channels does DSTV give u for #1900. Nigerians can never be satisfied sha. And u guys will be the ones complaining dat Nigeria is not gud when u even fail to embrace wat is ur own. Try to change ur orientation guys. #buy_naija_to_grow_naija#proudlyNigeria.
  • Akins Obodo: what is the meaning of pay as you go,I see promise and fail, I see deceitfulness, pay as you go,means when your decoder is not on, that means it is not running, one expect that once the decoder is on it will continue to read, e.g telecommunication companies in nigeria.
  • Matthew Ibisiki-ibanichuka:  Wait a min! What’s “pausing” my subscription. If its “pay as u go”, why then should I need to pause my subscription. If I load my mobile fone and use it as I wish, my credit should stay longer. Or when I switch off my digital meter, my unit is preserved till whenever I switch on. Is there more to it that we don’t know yet?.




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