Want To Know If a G!rl Is Not a Virgin? Read Th!s Post Now!!!!!!


There are so many ways to detect if a girl is not a virgin aside cruel virginity test of inserting fingers between her legs. Today we shall list 10 ways you can actually tell if a girl is still a virgin or not. This can be noticed on majority of girls out there but few can still be difficult to know.

10 ways Ladies behave that show they are not Virgin anymore.


1. They Are Quick To Anger When Asked if They Are Virgin 

You heard me right.. Research and findings have shown that non virgin ladies are very quick to anger if you inquire about their sexual lives. The virgin ladies may smile and keep quiet when asked; but to the non virgin ladies, they will flare up and will embarrass you. You will hear something like, is it your business if I’m a virgin or not?

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2. They Become Moody:

Don’t get me wrong because I’m not trying to say that a lady who suddenly becomes moody has lost her virginity, but all I’m trying to say is that, when a lady just recently lost her virginity, she becomes incessantly quiet for a few days. She may lock herself up in her room probably because she has something up her sleeves

3. They Pick Quarrel At The Mention Of The Word Virginity:

You heard me right. I have noticed that many non virgin ladies are usually uncomfortable when you place so much emphasis on virginity. It’s either they verbally attack you, or they tell you that you are still immature and really need some maturing to do

4. She Becomes Outspoken On s*x Discussion:

Many virgin ladies tend to be quiet when people discuss s*x (though not in all cases). However, she used to be timid before when she was still a virgin, but when she’s no longer one, she may not be shy to take part and air her views when s*x topics arise

5. She Hovers Around Lecturers’ Offices: 

I’m a living witness of this. As a student, I have seen some ladies hovering at lecturers’ offices even when they have been told about how people avoid the lecturers because they are known for sleeping with students. These ladies are like, I only often go to his office see him and nothing more. *if I hear*

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6. She Urinate Even In Public:

Girls who are no more virgins tend not to be shy when urinating. They can do that even in public where people are around. I saw this girl in my compound entered a bathroom where 3 girls below 15 years were taking their bath and she asked to urinate there in the bathroom. They were all laughing at here but she did what she wanted and ask them to flush it.


You can add yours below in the comment box ooo to complete the 10. TheY are Still more.

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